Jiangsu Ruiqun Clothing Co., Ltd.--Sweaters|Worsted yarn

Production scale
More than 300 flat knitting machine and related production lines of clothing
108, Taiwan and Germany have Stoll16, 14,12,6.2,7.0,3.2,18 computer flat knitting machine needle
8000 has a production line of worsted yarns

The 2003 annual "ruiqun" cashmere and wool sweater Ronglie of similar products in the market share of the top ten comprehensive

2009 year ruiqun cashmere sweater, wool sweater, worsted yarn products, won the Jiangsu Wanlixing Award

2011 was identified as the famous brand in Jiangsu Province

Swiss group cashmere sweater, sweater was assessed as the Consumer Association of Jiangsu province 2010-2011 annual recommended products "

2013 international standard product sign certificate

Sales and Service
VI unified brand support (posters, light boxes, outdoor advertising, product catalogs, shop in the Office of the image, etc.)
From all regions of specialized regional sales managers, delivery services
Provide brand planning, promotion, market access and other aspects of professional guidance
So that the raw silk business and brand communication between enterprises effective, fast, smooth